Get started with Python 3 | Part 1: Installation

Updated: Mar 13

Wanna learn Python, but don't know how to start ? This is the perfect tutorial for you !

So first, you need to install a few thing. I will recommend to install Anaconda. Anaconda is a platform for data scientist and machine learning professional. On this platform, you can code In Python and install package easily. So first, download Anaconda on this link. Chose your OS and Python 3.7, because Python 2 is not longuer supported so it is not recommended to use it. Usuallly, OS os in 64 bit, but if you are not sur about this, if you have more than 4 gb of RAM, than you OS is in 64 bit. Wait until the installation finish and open it. Click next and Agree the license.

After, you will get a screen like this, I will use the default setting, but if you want to use Python on multiple user account, select the second option. After, change the path if you want, but I will recommand you to use the default path. And this option is important:

so here, you will need to select the first option to add anaconda to path variable, so use can use it by typing Python in Command prompt. And let the second option as default to make Anaconda your default Python 3. Click install, and you are done !

So we gonna check if the installation is correct, to do that, search CMD if you are in windows, or search TERMINAL if you are in MacOS or Linux. Type Python, and if the installation was correct, you will see a screen like this:

you can type print("Hello Wolrd") to display a Hello Wolrd message in the console to see if the installation was successfull.

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