Get started with Python 3 | Part 2: code with Visual Studio Code IDE

Create by Micorsoft, Visual Studio Code is a lighweith IDE for programming in many language, it has a lot of differents plugins for almost every programming languages.

First, download Visual Studio Code here, and open the installer. Choose the option you want, but it is recommended to choose the Add to Path Option.

And just click next to install it. After the installation, run Visual Studio Code, and you will see a screen like this:

Choose the last option on the left, and search Python to install the extension, after the installlation, click on file on the top, choose new file, enter CTRL+S to save it and add .py to the and of the filename.

And you create your first Python File ! Now, you can write python command and run it directly in the IDE.

Visual Studio Code interface presentation :

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