Install Tensorflow-gpu for machine learning: The easy way

The easy way to install Tensorflow GPU version for machine learning is using Anaconda. If you're not already installed Anaconda, You can follow this tutorial to install it. First, you need to install the latest Nvidea Drivers version here. After, we need to update Anaconda package, open a Anaconda powershell as Administrator, and run

conda update conda
conda update anaconda
conda update python
conda update --all

After the pachage upadate, we can install tensorflow-gpu, run conda install tensorflow-gpu. After the installation, you can close the Anaconda powershell windows, and open a new Command Prompt windows, and run python to open the python shell. To verify the installation, run these 2 commands :

import tensorflow as tf
print( tf.constant('Hello from TensorFlow ' + tf.__version__) )

These should be the output:

If you get any error, try to uninstall tensorflow package (using the conda remove tensorflow-gpu command), and try to upgrade to the latest Nvidea Drivers, and run the 4 updates packages commands again, if this still doesn't work, you can leave a message in the comments sections.

Now, you can start training your own machine learning model with tensorflow-gpu !

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